iNAP Sleep Therapy System

> How the iNAP Lite Sleep Therapy System Works

The iNAP Lite Sleep Therapy System is indicated for home use in the treatment of
obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in adults. When using iNAP Lite during sleep, it provides a pressure gradient within the oral cavity and the pressure gradient pulls the tongue toward upper palate and also pulls the soft palate forward. By moving the tongue and the soft palate in a forward direction, the patency of the upper airway near the pharynx is maintained to prevent sleep-disordered breathing. This reduces or eliminates the upper airway obstruction that causes OSA and, allows each patient with OSA to enjoy deep, refreshing, uninterrupted sleep. More importantly, OSA patients will get the rest and oxygen that they need to help avoid some of the serious health risks associated with OSA.
Furthermore, the iNAP Lite is designed to provide treatments quietly and omfortably so that each user can sleep through the night without distraction. The iNAP Lite Sleep Therapy System continuously detects air pressure within the oral cavity and automatically adjusts the pressure gradient applied to the airway as needed. The maintenance of pressure in the oral cavity is continuous and stable and prevents respiratory obstructive events that may disturb sleep. In the absence of respiratory events, the user will have a good night’s sleep to maximize his or her quality of life.

> iNAP Lite Sleep Therapy System Description


Somnics iNAP Lite is a portable Sleep Therapy System designed to deliver a pressure gradient to the oral cavity that may prevent sleep-disordered breathing.


1.    iNAP Lite console (Model: NP-R03-K)
2.    iNAP Interface Kit

       (Model: K01/K02/K02S/K03/K03S)
2-1  Saliva container
2-2  Oral interface
2-3  Oral interface box (Only for K01)
3.    DryPad (Model: A01/A02/A03)
4.    Carry bag (Optional)


> Wearing the Oral Interface

1.  Please open your mouth before  wearing.


CAUTION : DO NOT put tongue shield on the ongue inside your mouth.

CAUTION : DO NOT put lip shield outside the lip.

CAUTION : DO NOT swallow the oral interface.


> Routine Cleaning (Example by K01)

1.  Disconnect the cover and the body of saliva container.
2.  Take the used DryPad out of saliva container and discard it.
*To prevent saliva from leaking, DO NOT turn it upside down.

> Weekly Disinfection

1.  Clean the oral interface, tubing set, and container as a daily clean process. Please refer to the daily cleaning steps.
2.  Connect the oral interface, tubing, container, and the iNAP console.
3.  Prepare a cup of appropriate capacity and immerse 150mL of lukewarm drinking water.
Note DO NOT use hot water higher than 40 °C/ 104 °F. Please refer to the cleaning tablet instructions for the amount of water.
4.  Place the oral interface inside the cup. The oral interface and its connector must be entirely submerged underwater.
5.  Drop a Potassium-peroxymonosulfate-based cleaning tablet into water and ensure the cleaning tablet begin to dissolve.
Note Please use Potassium-peroxymonosulfate-based cleaning tablet. If you don’t know how to confirm Potassium-peroxymonosulfate-based cleaning tablet or where to buy the right disinfectant tablet, please contact Somnics’ customer service.
6.  Wait 15 minutes to disinfect the oral interface.
Note Please DO NOT soak your oral interface, tubing, and saliva container in the cleaning solution overnight. Prolonged immersion might cause damage to the filter.

> iNAP Care App 

iNAP care_cover.png

Crate iNAP Care account

Connect iNAP device via Bluetooth