Mr. Xue        Oral Appliance User with TMJ Problem

Mr. Xue wore a dental appliance (oral appliance) to treat mild sleep-disordered breathing for ten years and felt uncomfortable about the joint for a long time. It’s not easy to clean the oral appliance and keep it in clean condition after he woke up. Fortunately, an old friend recommended him iNAP sleep therapy system. He wore iNAP after 2-3 months and improved the stability of the upper airway. The efficacy on sleep quality is as good as a dental appliance (oral appliance) but easier to clean.

Ms. Lee        Afraid of Surgery

I’m afraid of surgery, so I use iNAP. I can not only avoid surgical risk but also avoid pain recovery from a surgical wound. The price of this product is almost the same as that of the surgery fee. iNAP is convenient and worth using for the sake of my health.

Mr. Zhuang      Traveler & Budget Buyer

I feel really good about using iNAP. The negative air pressure sleep therapy device is very easy to use. It’s small, light-weighted, operation with mask, quiet, portable and travel-friendly. I don't feel uncomfortable.

The DryPad for saliva collection is the only shortcoming because I need to pay extra expenses for a long time. However, there is a special discount of purchasing a one-year’s supply of DryPad, I suggest that you should do your one-stop shopping.

Mr. Hsu        Daytime Sleepiness & Fatigue Driver

Mr. Hsu (38 y) is an engineer who suffers from daytime sleepiness and chronic fatigue even with more than 8 hours of sleep. He once fell in to sleep when riding a motorbike and almost caused a car accident. After treatment with iNAP, his AHI drops from 43.2 to 1.5 events/hr and the lowest oxygen saturation increased from 82% to 90%.

Mr. Chen        Suffocation with CPAP Mask

Mr. Chen (53 y) is a long-term user of CPAP. new OSA patient. One day he experienced suffocation during sleep with CPAP. His doctor helped him to adjust the CPAP pressure but could not improve the situation. After switching to iNPA, he no longer feels suffocation and his AHI drops from 43 to 0.2, and the lowest oxygen saturation increases from 85% to 93%.​

Mr. Lo           Data Scientist

I do recommend iNAP One, after using it every night for 3 weeks. For those who suffer from snoring issues during sleep, iNAP One provides an easy and effective solution to improve the quality of sleep with tranquility. Personally, I get used to “wearing” it to sleep after 2 nights, even hardly feeling it afterwards. Also, iNAP One gives me a chance to  avoid a snoring surgery, lowering the frequency and volume of me snoring during my sleeps. To conclude, iNAP One is definitely worth considering for people who hope both their partners and themselves sleep better.

Mr. Police Officer      Shift Worker

Mr. Police (47 y) is a long-term user of CPAP. Because of the size and power requirement of CPAP, he could not use CPAP on his duty and shift work. He likes the portable and battery-driven features of iNAP. He could refresh and recover himself with a short nap anywhere by using iNAP. After treatment of iNAP, his AHI drops from 72 to 0.5, and the lowest oxygen saturation increases from 88% to 91%.​

Mr. Hsu          Preparer for Government Examination

Mr. Hsu (41 y) is a patient with AHI of 42.3. She had daytime fatigue and could not concentrate, and she had failed the government examination for 3 consecutive years. After treated with iNAP, her AHI drops to 1.3 and lowest oxygen saturation increase from 86% to 93%. She could concentrate on her study effectively and finally passed the exam and become a government officer.

Mr. Chang      OSA Patient Trying Any Solutions

I’m a patient with sleep apnea. I ever went to the sleep clinic for the severe OSA, and my AHI value > 140 events/h was significantly. My doctor recommended me to wear a CPAP mask or have surgery for sleep apnea. I tried to wear a CPAP mask first as I had a great fear of surgery. When I got started on it, I thought it’s very good. But after a few days I used it, I couldn’t sleep well when I heard a sound of low-frequency noise machine every night. After the trial period, I was surprised about the buyout price NT$60,000 of a noisy, expensive and heavy machine. It’s not very convenient for me, so I gave up using CPAP.


I kept trying to wear mouth only snoring braces and foreign disposable respirators which was not useful to me. One day I found iNAP sleep therapy system on the web by chance, I got into contact with their sales immediately. Their sales rep with efficient attitude was very nice to me, and I had a good impression of them. A few days later, Somnics’ sales rep visited my house and explained about the instructions for use, the difficulties encountered, and the machine adjusted. We looked like friends and talked freely.


When I used the iNAP sleep therapy system different from CPAP devices that were too bulky, I didn’t hear these sounds of low-frequency noise at night. The price is not too expensive. It totally improves my life and enhances my sleep quality. The product is a small, light-weighted, and easy-to-carry design for me to use when going on a tour. It’s a pretty good product. I hope someone who has the same demand to try it out, and you may like it!

Mr. Chen      Patient with Severe Sleep Apnea

I am a severe patient with AHI67.2. After wearing CPAP for one night in the hospital, the data shows AHI8.1 and I feel not bad while sleeping. However, I do not like to feel of wearing a mask because I can still breathe by myself and can breathe through my nose, why do I need CPAP? Why do I need being passive and be forced by this "BIG MONSTER"?

One day, a friend of mine introduces me iNAP and luckily, I have this chance to experience it. During these experienced weeks of wearing iNAP and with Oximeter, the data shows improved, but the effect and the data are not perfect compare with CPAP. Also, since I used to breathe with mouth opened, so the oral interface device may come off easily while using, which makes the treatment sealing percntage is between 40% to 60% only.

Even if you pinch my neck and beg me to use CPAP, I still do not want to wear it. Therefore, I think I should buy iNAP first and then use it seriously.

After regular follow-up for almost eight months, and wear with the new upgrade oral interface device, my treatment sealing percentage is improved, and keeps at least 80% (previous data was during 40%-60%), which means that the treatment time is more than 80%, and the value of ODI is decrease to 11 from 40. From my point of view, I don't pursue the perfection of the treatment effect, but I agree to the comfort and compliance is very good by wearing iNAP for a long time.

Mr. Chen      Business Traveler & Outdoor Activities

Mr. Chen is a business traveler who loves outdoor activities but needs to take a sleep apnea breathing therapy device for keeping his sleep quality at any time. He explained that the small, light-weighted, unplugged and battery-powered iNAP is suitable for travel and home use ...

Mr. Lin          CPAP Mask Hater

Mr. Lin is a patient with sleep apnea who dislikes having to wear a CPAP … He explained that iNAP without mask is a discreet and quiet sleep apnea breathing therapy equipment. He is very delighted that he no longer wears a mask and looks like an elephant ...

Ms. Chang       Mouth Breather

Ms. Chang found herself sleeping with an opened mouth unconsciously, making her sagged chin into double chin for a long time, waking up with a dry mouth and tongue ... She discovered that iNAP can help practice her tongue muscles to stabilize in a front position, sleep with a closed mouth all night long, keep her throat moist and wake up full energy.

Mr. Lee           Naive Patient

Mr. Lee, a new OSA patient, who inquired iNAP from the customer service, bought it and learned to use the product face to face a month ago. Now he rely on iNAP and can’t sleep without it at night … ​

Mrs. Wang       Snoring Partner

Mrs. Wang was sick of her partner snoring, then, she discovered that iNAP can help her partner sleep with a closed mouth and finally stop loud noise of snoring ...

The information and case study on web are for reference only, the treatment of the specific case is different, is not guaranteed to be effective absolutely, and different people may have different treatment efficacy. The diagnosis and treatment of diseases should meet with doctors and medical professionals face-to-face.