User Guide

Quick Start Guide

iNAP One

Assemble the parts

Detach the console and the container, connect the Oral Interface.

Place a Drypad on the container

Squeeze the side of DryPad then match the opening of the DryPad with the center tube of the container cover.

Turn on the device

Press the power button and hold 2 seconds to turn on the device.
*You will see three lights flash for a few seconds

Connect APP

Connect iNAP with iNAP Lab+ APP

Wear the Oral Interface

Adjust position tube, silicone shields, and lip shields for comfort.

Start your treatment

Put iNAP next to your bed and prepare for sleep.
for the beginners

Tutorial Videos

Unboxing iNAP One


How to turn on iNAP One?


How to use iNAP One?


How to clean iNAP One?


How to deep clean iNAP One


How to use iNAP muffler?


Download User Manual

Please read the User Manual before using iNAP.