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These are infomation from iNAP users. Before buying iNAP, It's better to see your GP and get medical devices. Make sure it is suitable for your medical condition.

Mr. Xue | Oral Appliance User with TMJ Problem
Mr. Xue wore a dental appliance (oral appliance) to treat mild sleep-disordered breathing for ten years and felt uncomfortable about the joint for a long time. It’s not easy to clean the oral appliance and keep it in clean condition after he woke up. Fortunately, an old friend recommended him iNAP sleep therapy system. He wore iNAP after 2-3 months and improved the stability of the upper airway. The efficacy on sleep quality is as good as a dental appliance (oral appliance) but easier to clean.
Mr. Chen | Patient with Severe Sleep Apnea
I am a severe patient with AHI67.2. After wearing CPAP for one night in the hospital, the data shows AHI8.1 and I feel not bad while sleeping. However, I do not like to feel of wearing a mask because I can still breathe by myself and can breathe through my nose, why do I need CPAP? Why do I need being passive and be forced by this "BIG MONSTER"?

One day, a friend of mine introduces me iNAP and luckily, I have this chance to experience it. During these experienced weeks of wearing iNAP and with Oximeter, the data shows improved, but the effect and the data are not perfect compare with CPAP. Also, since I used to breathe with mouth opened, so the oral interface device may come off easily while using, which makes the treatment sealing percntage is between 40% to 60% only.

Even if you pinch my neck and beg me to use CPAP, I still do not want to wear it. Therefore, I think I should buy iNAP first and then use it seriously.

After regular follow-up for almost eight months, and wear with the new upgrade oral interface device, my treatment sealing percentage is improved, and keeps at least 80% (previous data was during 40%-60%), which means that the treatment time is more than 80%, and the value of ODI is decrease to 11 from 40. From my point of view, I don't pursue the perfection of the treatment effect, but I agree to the comfort and compliance is very good by wearing iNAP for a long time.
An iNAP Review from Mobile01
After using iNAP for about half a month, I have become very accustomed to wearing it during sleep.

I also used the APP to measure the Snoring percentage, and found that since using iNAP, my snoring has subsided.
I've been using it for about a month now, and I'm completely adapted to iNAP. Maybe it's because I sleep with my mouth closed, my morning dry mouth and bad breath problem has been improved.
Mobile01 網友
My husband has almost NO snoring or nightly moaning since using it. We both sleep better!!! I'm super happy that I don't have to be woken up in the middle of the night anymore!
Thanks for iNAP saving our sleep~
BabyHome 網友
After using it, I don’t often wake up in the middle of the night when I’m half asleep.Also I won't feel tired during the day.
No wonder people said that getting a GOOD sleep is the most important thing. After my sleep quality was improved, the complexion is really good.
Dcard 網友

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