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Mr. Xue Patient with mild sleep-disordered breathing

Mr. Xue wore a dental appliance (oral appliance) to treat mild sleep-disordered breathing for ten years and felt uncomfortable about the joint for a long time. It’s not easy to clean the oral appliance and keep it in clean condition after he woke up. Fortunately, an old friend recommended him iNAP sleep therapy system. He wore iNAP after 2-3 months and improved the stability of the upper airway ......


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Ms. Lee

I’m afraid of surgery, so I use iNAP. I can not only avoid surgical risk but also avoid pain recovery from a surgical wound. The price of this product is almost the same as that of the surgery fee. iNAP is convenient and worth using for the sake of my health ....... 

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iNAP Sleep Therapy System


A novel intermittent negative air pressure device ameliorates obstructive sleep apnea syndrome in adults


The article is co-authored by Prof. Christian Guilleminault of Standard University.  


Thirty-five patients were enrolled: age 41.9 ± 12.2 years (mean ± standard deviation), BMI 26.6 ± 4.3 kg/m2, AHI 41.4 ± 24.3 events/hour, and oxygen-desaturation-index (ODI) 40.9 ± 24.4 events/hour at baseline. AHI and ODI were significantly decreased (p<0.001) by the device. Patients with moderate OSAS, with baseline AHI between 15 to 30 events/hour, achieved 64% response rate; and non-obese patients, with BMI below 25 kg/m2, achieved 57% response rate, with response rate defined as 50% reduction in AHI from baseline and treated AHI lower than 20.  


Keywords Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome . Sleep-disordered breathing . Apnea–hypopnea index . Intermittent negative air pressure . Intraoral device . Oral pressure therapy

iNAP  Sleep well. The science and practice of sleep medicine.

iNAP  Sleep Therapy System overview



Training Kit

< Mouth Mask >

For Mouth-breathers, if you find your Oral Interface easily fall out during sleep, you need to use this little Mouth Mask at the initial stage to help retain Oral Interface inside the mouth, it will train you to change to nose-breathing during sleep.

Usage Instructions:

1. After taking out the Mouth Mask, place the seaming protruding side outward and the other side facing the face.

2. Place Oral Interface with tube from outward to inward side of the mask through the central hole.

3. Place Oral Interface into mouth properly.

4. Finally fix the Mouth Mask at the back of the ears.


Book Online

iNAP provides one-on-one online tutorial service to help you to use our iNAP product correctly.
iNAP product tutorial
30 min
Reservation for iNAP product inquiries with our customer service team for detail product-related supports.
Product inquiries
15 min

Are you or your relatives experienced


Hypersomnia, lack of concentration

Lost  of Memory, Depression



Insomnia, Nocturia, Sleep disruption


<during Sleep>

Snoring, experience of Sleep Apnea

Choking, Gasping for air

If so, you might likely be suffering from

Obstructive Sleep Apnea,

also known as OSA

Maintain the habit of sleeping

with mouth closed as well as controlling

the forwarded position of tongue

is the key element of treatment

of snoring and OSA.

Most OSA-patients become

mouth-breather during their sleep

without their own acknowledgement.

while long-term mouth-breather has

tended to result below symptoms

in the long-term"


Snoring/ Sleep Apnea

Nose allergy / 

Face Loose/ Double Chin

Malocclusion/ Periodontal disease


In order to correct the mouth-breather

during sleep.

iNAP creates gentle vacuum

within the oral cavity that stabilizes

the tongue and soft tissues

that frees the airways,

so that you will be able to breath normally

via your nose without obstruction,

achieving a well sleep experience

whenever you are.

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Epworth Sleepiness Scale


The higher the score,

the higher the risk of suffering

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).


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