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Do You Have Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

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Has your bed partner / friend told you that you have severe snoring problems?

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Has your bed partner / friend noticed that you choke easily or have breathing problems during sleep?

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Do you have trouble sleeping at night or having nocturia?


Benefits of iNAP

inap one

Clinical Proven

Multi-center study in the USA & Germany

Nasal Breathing

No bloating air or difficulty in exhaling

No Mask

No Mask, no headgear, you can sleep better

Very Quiet

No continuous flow and non-intrusive

Portable & Travel-Friendly

Suitable for travelling and business tours

Digital Healthcare

Track your usage and take control of your treatment data on iNAP LAb+ APP

No Mask No Belt

iNAP delivers a gentle suction inside the oral cavity, moving the tongue forward and away from the airway. When you’re ready for bed, simply insert the mouthpiece and click on the power button. iNAP's intermittent negative airway pressure effectively eliminates apnea by keeping the airway open and allowing you to breathe naturally and sleep peacefully.

Proven Results

Patient Outcomes

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Clinical Successful Rate
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Significant improvement rate for patients
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Average reduction in Sleep Apnea events
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Average reduction in oxygen desaturation events

User Reviews

If you’ve been frustrated with sleep therapies that makes you uncomfortable, give iNAP a try !
Mr. Ran

For a person who can't tolerate CPAP, iNAP is very comfortable to use, and I don't have to worry about being unable to breathe or bloating when using it.

iNAP is compact that doesn't take up a lot of space, and you won't hear noise during sleep. After using it, I hardly have Nocturia problems, which greatly improves my sleeping quality.
iNAP is softer and thinner than braces and can be worn for a long time. After use, the oral cavity maintains negative pressure and will not suffer from hypoxia. The new iNAP One is fully charged, you don't need to worry about running out of power during sleep.
Ms. Huang
For those who suffer from snoring issues during sleep, iNAP One provides an easy and effective solution to improve the quality of sleep with tranquility. Personally, I get used to wearing it to sleep after 2 nights, even hardly feeling it afterwards.

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